Female MBBS Student From Narowal Commits Suicide Due To Pressure Of Supplementary Exams!


Female MBBS Student From Narowal Commits Suicide Due To Pressure Of Supplementary Exams!


Pakistan is known to produce diligent and talented doctors throughout the world. The constant brain drain from the country, especially when it comes to medical experts, has raised question marks on the system and facilities provided to these professionals after their MBBS degree.

In Pakistan, becoming a doctor is one of the toughest challenges for the youth of the country. From struggling to find a medical college that accepts them, to monumental amounts of fees, and on top of that, pressure and expectations that come with the ordeal.

Source: hindustantimes.com

One such case has come out from Narowal. A female medical student studying in the Sahara Medical College, a private institute, has committed suicide due to the pressure of her supply exams. The student, whose name is Nargis, according to her friends, was waiting for the result of her 1st year supply exams and was in immense depression due to the recently announced result of 2nd year MBBS supply exams by the UHS.

Not being able to cope up with the stress generated, Nargis hung herself from the fan, tying a noose around her neck. The depressed student had locked her hostel room from the inside and administration found out about her death after breaking the door of her room. A good amount of police personnel were present at the scene, who have started the investigation regarding the suicide.

After recovering the student’s dead body, police also found a suicide note next to her body. In the note, the student had apologized to her parents and the rest of her family, for not fulfilling their expectations and for all the mistakes she had committed, including taking her life.

Details provided by a local reporter also suggest that this is the 4th suicide case in the same Sahara Medical College. Previously, two doctors and a nurse had taken their lives in separate incidents. Nargis’ suicide raises new questions on the amount of pressure inflicted on medical students in the country and how important counselling for students is, especially for the ones who study and live in hostels.

The last status Nargis had uploaded on her Whatsapp suggested that not all was fine with her. The status reads: “Kehne walon ka kya jaata hai! Sehne waale kamaal kerte hain!” – which clearly shows that she was not in a good state of mind.

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