The Story Of This Man Raping And Killing His Own Nephew In Punjab Is Making Us Question Humanity!


The Story Of This Man Raping And Killing His Own Nephew In Punjab Is Making Us Question Humanity!


Pakistan has become the center of child-related issues in the past few years. Be it the case of little Zainab, who was brutally raped and killed last year in Kasur or be it innocent Nashwa who died last month because of the negligence of doctors in Dar-ul-Sehat Hospital, Karachi, this element has turned into a massive scum of our society and needs to be eradicated soon.

Child molestation, child marriages, negligence of doctors, the day changes but the story remains the same. Neither the government nor the concerned authorities pay any heed to eliminate this sick minded culture from our society. The parents who lose their children to these cold blooded monsters are left stranded and no one is there to provide them with justice.

Recently, another case surfaced on the internet from Pakistan’s Toba Tek Singh area. A 10-year-old boy was sexually molested by his close uncle and when the kid showed resistance and threatened him that he’ll tell his parents about it, the kid was brutally murdered. Fortunately, the local police got informed and the culprit was later arrested.

Facebook/Dr.Tauseef Afridi

The uncle in police custody

Facebook / Dr. Tauseef Afridi

This incident created a huge wave of responses on social media and people are in sheer anger. Everyone’s asking till when will the law enforcing agencies sleep? How many more precious lives will be lost? Many more questions were raised by the general public but no one to answer. This heart-wrenching case is yet another slap in the face of the higher authorities who have failed miserably in controlling the law and order situation of the country.

Following are some of the highlighted comments gathered from social media.

This comment shows the status of parents:

Who to trust these days?


This guy told the reason why he doesn’t allow her daughter to shake hands with people:

Called the law and order situation ‘andha qanoon’:
The right punishment was also suggested:

Pakistanis are furious and are demanding justice for the boy whereas no official statement was made by the concerned authorities. Hopes are tied and people are expecting that they don’t get to witness any more cases like this again. May the family gets justice and that the culprit gets punished in a way that it sets an example for other pedophiliac minds prevailing in our society.

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