There Was A Fire In PC Lahore And People Are Wondering Why Media Coverage Was Blocked!


There Was A Fire In PC Lahore And People Are Wondering Why Media Coverage Was Blocked!


One of the largest hotel chains in the country, the Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore, was under immense trouble the other day, but nobody really found about it. Even though there were murmurs and rumors around, due to little or no media coverage, people could not find about why PC Lahore was being discussed.

A couple of days back, the very renowned PC Lahore was under an immense fire. Rescuers had been responding to emergency calls from inside the 5-star hotel but it took a lot of time for fire brigades and others to reach the place of calamity.


It was being suggested that the fire broke out in the Banquet Hall area of the hotel, which is also known as the Shahi Khaima. The reason? Work of welding was in process, when the banquet caught fire and went ablaze. So sinister was the nature of the fire, that it spread with immense speed and vigor.

When all 5 fire brigades reaches the scene, it was then that the situation started getting in control. No injuries or deaths, miraculously, were reported in the incident. The biggest question raised after the incident was that why no media coverage was provided? Even if a little smoke erupts from even the gallows, teams and DSNGs of different channels storm their vicinity just for coverage.

It is highly astonishing that the event was not exploited by media, not a single channel, and nobody reached the hotel with their cameras, even just to inform the people about what exactly had happened.  This is how people reacted to the incident on social media:

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