The Karachi Stabbings Attacker Is Back And He’s Now Targeting North Nazimabad


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The highest profiled case in Pakistan’s metropolitan city seems to linger on without any result. The Karachi stabbings have returned to the news and this time, the attacker has switched areas.

As the police suggested, they had apprehended 16 suspects of which they claimed that one was key. However, no progress has come in the case while the stabbings have only continued.


In a recent revelation, a thirty-year-old woman was stabbed in Karachi’s North Nazimabad area. The woman is to be the 16th victim of the ‘serial stabbings’. The woman was on her way to work early in the morning when a man on a motorbike wearing a helmet stabbed her and fled the scene.

The suspect still looms at large and has baffled authorities to who he is and the time he strikes. Many are of the opinion that the ‘Chalawa’ is not one person, neither one group. They believe that it was started by someone else and now random people are getting in on the act and stabbing women for personal reasons.


However, others are of the opinion that the attacker (as a single person) or a group are doing it to create hype in the media, which somehow makes them feel good about themselves. There are others who think that is part of some charade established by the government or the establishment to ‘divert’ our attention — but really, from what?

Women living in Karachi, especially North Nazimabad, need to keep a watchful eye on motorbikes approaching towards them. They are advised to not go out alone and if they do, to keep some sort of protection along with themselves. Let your loved ones living in these areas know.

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