Khadim Rizvi Has “Perfect” Solutions to the Economic Problems of Pakistan And Zara Ghar Se Sunen


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Khadim Rizvi, name which isn’t unknown in the world of Pakistani politics. From orchestrating the protests in the issue of khatam-e-nabowat to representing himself and his political views to run the country, Khadim Rizvi has made his interests pretty clear when it comes to Pakistan.

The radical beliefs of himself and the party managed to attract a handful of supporters even during the elections. His foul language and extremist beliefs are still widely accepted by various Pakistanis and that is pretty surprising nonetheless.

As everyone knows, Pakistan is facing severe economical crisis. If you think otherwise, you are living in a bubble. The Naya Pakistan government is currently dealing with the economical crisis baggage gifted to them by the previous governments and of course, this requires its due time.

However, the stock market crashes, dollar surges and tax invasions is indeed worrying the locals. In this case, Khadim Rizvi comes with the ‘perfect’ solutions Pakistan needs!

While Addressing his Followers, Khadim Rizvi Shares the Perfect Way Pakistan Can Come Out of Debt and Other Economic Crisis

In his typical way of talking, Rizvi shares that he is willing to offer the country his services and advices on the economical conditions for free. He states that Pakistan will only return the loan it took from other countries ONLY when Pakistan is stable.

On the other hand, he also says that Pakistan should not give any interest on the loans as it is haram.

“Pakistan k Halat Theek Karna Minute Da Kaam Hai” 

And then urges Asif Ghafoor to bring his men if the other countries start asking for the loan too quickly or do not agree on letting go of interest…

Here’s The Video of Khadim’s Rizvi Address:

And the Locals Shared their Input on Khadim Rizvi’s Address


Allah Maafi

So anyway, while the world is moving forward in terms of dealing with issues such as economics and finance for the well-being of the country, we have the likes of Khadim Rizvi who are sharing their valuable inputs with us…


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