This KFC Staffer Did A Rap Inside The Restaurant And He Might Be Pakistan’s Answer To MC Sher

This KFC Staffer Did A Rap Inside The Restaurant And He Might Be Pakistan’s Answer To MC Sher!


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Just recently there is cool talent in the market! But this talent requires quite a hell lot of hard work and patience. If you have never heard anyone doing beatboxing and rap, then you are missing a lot in life. It’s not something that you can learn in your school’s music class or have tuitions from a regular teacher. Anyone currently who’s pro at beatboxing or rap is sure a self-taught artist.

This new cool has taken over the K-town and now we see so many beatboxers in the city. To get this skill you don’t need to get into a lavish school or have a lit group of people. All one need to do is, have the style, write a good rap song, right kind of rhythm and a kick-ass type of stage name. But ever thought that when music combines with food, it becomes a wholesome experience? And KFC just did that!

Can’t believe?! Watch this!

This Pakistani KFC waiter spits his heart out ????Check his original music here:

Posted by They-See Battle League on Sunday, March 24, 2019

KFC’s staff just hosted a beatboxing party and it is LIT!! Just look at this video, it is so much fun, look at everyone enjoying so much. And this guy doing beatboxing is so good to be true! Hope that he gets some recognition through social media. Although the video has got enough views to make him go viral, let’s hope that social media magic works.

Pakistanis are actually comparing him to the fictional Indian rapper MC Sher, who was featured in the movie Gully Boy. The talent of this guys speaks for himself!

And below this video, people are tagging their artist friends and everyone is having a good time enjoying this!


But before Gully Boy Pakistan had Abid Brohi in rap! No? Search that bro!


Ary bhai bhai, Pakistani boy jesa koi hardichhh nae hai!


There’s something else for which KFC has earned good points from locals when they hired dumb and deaf staff and created an opportunity for those who had nowhere to go. It not only had an impact on the employment opportunities for those who lost all hopes but it also created awareness amongst people who forget about this community.

Following there footsteps, Mcdonalds too started hiring these people but providing them basic training and it was a very good experience for the customers and for the staff too.

When giants like these start empowering their employees it usually cancels out their bad image in the market, so after this move, it sure that their good will have touched the ceiling.

What do you guys think of this? Know anyone with some awesome beatboxing skills? Let us know in the comments below! Cheers. 🙂

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