A Group Of Young Boys Traveling To Kashmir Toli Peer Met A Terrible Car Accident And The Video Is Shocking!


A Group Of Young Boys Traveling To Kashmir Toli Peer Met A Terrible Car Accident And The Video Is Shocking!


As the snow blankets the northern areas of Pakistan, tourists from all over the country rush there to enjoy the weather. For the safety of the tourists, City Traffic Police (CTP) issues an advisory for them so that they could enjoy the snowfall without being harmed. CTP also makes special traffic arrangements and a comprehensive plan to facilitate the tourists. But unfortunately, due to the carelessness of the visitors, a number of accidents have been reported every year.

A video went viral on social media in which a group of five friends traveling to Kashmir Toli Peer in their car met a horrible accident. Due to heavy snowfall, the mountainous areas become slippery and very dangerous! But the young lads totally neglected the fact and were busy enjoying the weather. It can be seen in the video that there were two cars, the one behind them was filming the other.

As one of the guys came out from the window of the car, the car lost its balance and it fell in a ditch. According to the sources, the guy who was driving moved the car in the straight direction on a bending road that’s why the car went off track. According to sources, 2 lost their lives on the spot while the others were severely injured!

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According To The Recent Report!

Their Relatives Are Sharing More Details Of The Accident!

This is not the first time an accident like this has happened. The northern areas of Pakistan witnesses a number of accidents every year. In 2018, at least 6 people lost their lives, while 9 remained missing as an old bridge collapsed over Darya-e-Neelum. A group of tourists had gone to visit the Northern areas, almost 20-25 people together were standing on the old Jagran bridge to take a selfie and suddenly the bridge collapsed because it was not in a condition to handle so much weight.

May Allah grant them a higher place in Jannah, Ameen! But this accident should be a lesson to many who are on a visit to the northern areas of Pakistan. Follow the traffic rules, it is for your own safety!

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