Another Tragedy Strikes Karachi As Police Take 2-Year-Old Ahsan Sheikh’s Life After Stray Bullet Hits Him


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It’s the metropolis city once again that has hit all forms of media nationwide. Yet once again the streets of Karachi are seen smeared. This time around the blood-prints was as innocent as the victim itself. The victimized minor has turned into a major issue in law-enforcing circles. Becoming the latest “talk of the town”, the little boy has given way to heated discussions and actions.

The Toddler Who Gave In To The “Law-Abiding” Agencies

Baby Boy - Parhlo
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Old story, new characters — You might remark. True enough and equally pitiful. This boy, an infant aged merely 1-1/2 years, was Muhammad Ahsan Sheikh. As the events have unfolded, the minor was traveling in an auto rickshaw with his parents near Safoora Goth, University Road. The unfortunate incident took place during a one-on-one firing exchange between the muggers on a bike and the police party.

The indiscriminate shooting, which our police force is so accustomed to, resulted in the tragic incident. While the parents remained safe and sound, the baby boy sustained gunshot wounds that proved fatal. Although the innocent kid was rushed to a nearby hospital, he succumbed to his injuries.

Young Ahsan Lives No More: Emergency Measures Needed Elsewhere?


The Law-Enforcing Faculty Pitted Against The Law Itself

And, that is crude, rancid reality to date. The very countenance of our policing “elite” paints a considerably grim picture of the overall situation. We as Karachiites have turned almost numb amidst deafening outcries coming off every affected quarter. We have turned into speechless, insensitive two-legged creatures that are good for nothing on the humanity index.

The way this armed personnel roams about and patrol within the city for “security” purpose, they actually bring about the most personal insecurity to the masses. The manner in which they accomplish any “encounter” only manages to raise quite a few eyebrows. Having said this, the lawful approach, the human aspect, and sublime empathy can only be found crushed under their heavy boots.

Innocence That Is Often Mutilated And Trampled Along By Following The Convention

This one is no isolated case of an innocent meeting their eternal end. Similar incidents, even worse than this one have tainted our societal image with all shades of gray. With the suspension and arrest of the 4 culprit policemen, prompt action was “marked” done. All seems and is deemed well by everybody — the aggrieved family, the culprits, the jurists, the rest of us.

The traditional hue and cry by human rights activists, the short-lived media hype and the half-hearted disciplinary departmental actions are all here. Knock, knock — Anything more relevant, doable or viable about to welcome us? Only you might be knowing better than anyone of us…..

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