This Guy From Karachi Shares How A Private Cab Driver In Islamabad Ran Off With His Luggage!


This Guy From Karachi Shares How A Private Cab Driver In Islamabad Ran Off With His Luggage!


Whether it’s first thing in the morning, or late at night, you choose how many hours you need to be at work and what time you have to leave. Have a friend’s wedding coming and you’ll be traveling late? Or do you need to get to a different destination without waiting long? All of these concerns are put to stop right after you have easy ways to commute.

No stress of petrol, driver or parking. People today have begun relying on car apps that help them travel from one area to next without any hassle. You just book a ride and you’re good to go! However, recently a man who booked a cab online was mugged and all his belongings were stolen by the driver (so much for trusting these online cab services).

According to Samaa News, Fida Haider had booked a cab from Bhara Kahu to Faizabad, and the driver told him to change his Rs. 1000 note when the two arrived at the location. Fida jumped out of the cab at a nearby bus stop to make the change and left his luggage in the car but rather than waiting for his passenger to return, the driver took off.

Here’s the video!

After several calls to the cab driver, the phone was switched off. The bag consisted of his laptop, cash, and clothes. The entire mishap leads Fida to file a complaint against the driver at the-9 police station and the police began to search. All of which are now gone solely because us regular people believe that it’s easier to commute in a taxi we book online because we think it’s safer as opposed to roads.

The cases of cab drivers escaping with their passenger’s luggage, harassing women, and even late night callings have been seen in the past. Is it unsafe for us local’s citizens to actually have a safe ride home? I mean we’re already terrified of mugging from the criminals on street, should we also be extremely cautious about these cab drivers?

To travel easily from one place to another without any major hassle should be a blessing, not a curse. In a nutshell, there’s no safe zone for people. Whether you’re traveling via road, alone, in your own car or an online taxi service, you just may be the target of a crime.

Everyone out there must be careful, sadly in our country, there aren’t many services that turn out to be safer than the others!

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