Karachi Ballot Paper Saga: Students of School in Ghizri, Karachi Reveal They Never Saw Stamped Papers


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Gizri: Approximately 150 stamped ballot papers were found in the classroom of Government Boys’ School in Gizri, Karachi on 2nd August, 2018. According to the sources and the pictures that were shared on the internet, the majority of the found ballot papers were stamped with the symbol arrow, which is the symbol of Pakistan Peoples Party.

Before this incident, scores of the used ballot papers were found in Qayyumabad’s garbage area, marking this the second time ballot papers were found after the elections, hinting how the elections were tried to be rigged.

However, this does not seem to add due to the timing of the event; the schools reopened on the Wednesday with the Summer vacations coming to the end. On the other hand, the ballot papers were found on Thursday, one day after the opening of the schools. A student found the ballot papers in the desk of his class.

The Video Here Shows Students Telling How They Did Not See the Ballot Papers On Wednesday!

Others Believe They Were Made Up Ballot Papers As Well

The rigging controversy continues unfolding. Let’s see if this adds to anything or not regarding the general elections 2018.

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