Kamran Shahid Had Quite a Laugh When Imran Khan Revealed the Names of his Pet Dogs!


Kamran Shahid Had Quite a Laugh When Imran Khan Revealed the Names of his Pet Dogs!


The past few weeks ago, given how ‘involved’ Reham Khan remains in the life of Imran Khan even after their divorce, the ex-wife claimed that there was a rift between Imran Khan and his current wife Bushra Bibi, which led Bushra Bibi to leave the house. According to Reham Khan, the fight might have happened because Khan wishes to keep his dogs inside the house, whereas Bushra was against the notion.

In Reham Khan’s deeply analyzed notion regarding the life of her former husband brought attention to the domestic dogs Khan has – Sheero and Moto.

Reham Khan shared how she never liked Sheero because of the biased preference Khan had towards him while neglecting other dogs.

Recently, Journalist Rauf Klasra Wrote A Column On How Imran Khan Preferred his Dogs Over Reham Khan During their Marriage

Rauf Klasra mentioned how one of the reasons that emerged troublesome in Imran-Reham marriage was Imran’s devotion and love for his dogs more than his wife.

So This Became a Subject of Conversation Among the Masses As Well

So in a recent interview with Kamran Shahid, Imran Khan talked about his liking towards the dogs. PTI’s chairman shed light on how loyal and great friends dogs make. Kamran Shahid further asked about Imran Khan’s current dogs. Imran Khan said, “The current dog I have is Moto – Sheero was Moto’s father,” and upon hearing this line alone, Kamran Shahid fell into sudden laughter and tried to hide it.

This felt more like how the slogan and representation of Nawaz Sharif’s party PMLN revolves around ‘shair’ and this idea definitely made Kamran Shahid laugh as well.

Here’s the Moment When It Happened:

Khan also clarified how his dogs had nothing to do with the dissolving of his marriage with Reham.

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