John Abraham Defended Pakistan In A Room Full Of Indians|


John Abraham Defended Pakistan In A Room Full Of Indians And He's The Only Bollywood Actor With A Brain -

John Abraham Defended Pakistan In A Room Full Of Indians And He’s The Only Bollywood Actor With A Brain!


John Abraham is one the most handsome actors of the Indian industry, his good looks, sexy physique and killing smile has certainly swept many off of their feet. Recently, at the trailer launch of his upcoming film RAW – Romeo Akbar Walter, Abraham said that he feels Indians are stereotyping Pakistanis.

John said that our battle should be against crime and not the country or religion

John will be playing the role of Raw personnel in his upcoming movie alongside Mouni Roy, Jackie Shroff, and Sikander Kher. The film is all set to grace the big screen on April 5th, 2019.

When inquired why it is releasing at a time when patriotism is at its peak in India, Abraham added, “we don’t want to sound like opportunists in the current situation. The producers had planned almost a year ago that they will be releasing the film around this time.”

At the launch, the Parmanu actor also stated “I am very clear in my outlook. I will probably get picked on, but I am not going to sit on the fence and say nahi yaar, yeh audience ko acha lagega, yeh bura lagega (The audience will like this or like that).”

Here’s the full interview of Abraham at the launch of is new film RAW!

Actress Kangana Ranaut went after Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt when they kept mum about the latest events and she also stated that actors should be vocal about the current stance, Abraham agreed to it and said that no actor should comment or give their perception on political matters if they have no idea about the situation.

Today, after the Pulwama terror attack its quite refreshing to see that when actors like Kangana Ranaut and Ajay Devgan are all set to declare ‘jung’ against Pakistan, John Abraham is out there being sane and rational about the entire scenario. It’s about time that Pak-Indo relationship gets better and the heat between the two countries cool down.

Let’s see what Abraham’s upcoming project brings to the table and how long will it take for tensions to between India and Pakistan to completely get settled. If you have something to add to this story, let us know!

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