A Six-Year-Old Innocent Girl Was Given In Marriage To A Minor Boy As ‘Wani’ And This Taboo Needs An End!


A Six-Year-Old Innocent Girl Was Given In Marriage To A Minor Boy As ‘Wani’ And This Taboo Needs An End!


The feudal system in Pakistan is so deep-rooted, that so many governments came and completed their tenure since the inception of Pakistan but none could do anything about it. This has been the practice for decades now, maybe even before Pakistan got its separate homeland. Feudals after feudals, this an ongoing process that is passed on to generations after generations, for not only the feudal themselves but for the villagers as well.

The people living in the remote areas of Pakistan have accepted their fate with this feudal system. Be it Punjab or Sindh, people accept whatever these feudal lords decide for them. Jirga actually consists of people whose forefathers have been taking the decisions for villagers if any dispute occurs. These people have never believed in courts and proper legal procedures. Jirga is their court, and the decision made there are final.

Another jirga in Pano Aqil took a decision in settlement of a feud and it made people furious!

This jirga decided that a six-year-old girl to be the “Wani”! Wani is actually a custom in all these areas where these feudal lords decide for people; where a girl is given as wani to the victim’s family when a male from her family commits a crime.

This little girl was given as wani and was ordered to get married to a 7-year-old boy!

Later when the parents of the children protested against this decision, the feudal lords lodged an FIR against them. But the news channel reported to the SSP and he took notice of this and decided to lodge an FIR against the feudal.

These are the systems where the unfortunate cases of honor killing happen. These are the system in which “wata sata” happens, where marriages are more like settlements for a dispute than a relationship made out of happiness.

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