Jibran Nasir Has a Message for All Those Pakistanis Who Are Afraid to Talk about Child Abuse


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Our society finds itself at a great quotient of vulnerability when talking about certain subjects including sex, rape, abuse, and violence. These subjects require an utmost concern and it is only if they are addressed with the right perspective, the whole purpose of educating people of these so-called taboos could be set straight.

However, as per normal practice, these subjects are too “vulgar” to talk about. On the contrary, the outcast result of our ignorance gives birth to societal problems more than talking about it could ever do. With that being said, Pakistan is one society that suffers from the dilemma of child abuse – yes, a subject still too vulgar to talk about.

Up to 12 cases have been registered for child abuse in Kansur, Punjab. The most recent one being Zainab, a 7-year-old girl who was raped, killed and thrown into a roadside pile of trash while her parents were away for Umrah. This one case rips apart the alarming prospect of this dilemma in Kasur, where we have come across a number of such incidents being reported.

Source: Twitter

There must be a stronghold or a setup backed by power and administration rooting deep into civil departments. On the other hand, social media managed to voice against the problem and local government’s failure of taking constructive action against all the sources out there. Meanwhile, Jibran Nasir, a credible social activist just pointed out a major issue in the mindsets of common citizens.

Jibran Nasir explains how in our society the nuisance of child abuse is still looked upon as a taboo and dubbed “vulgar” to discuss. He explains how this kind of mentality puts our child more at risk and it’s our very ignorance towards these problems that is some way lending credence to the frequency of such incidents.

Hear him out as Jibran Nasir points out exactly where many people tend to be wrong…

He makes a lot of sense here, exactly what we needed at this moment because today or tomorrow, the whole subject would perhaps become obsolete and people would find it again a sensitive or perhaps vulgar topic to discuss.

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