Jemima Khan Is Being Surrounded By Imran Khan Fans Asking That One Question She Doesn’t Want To Answer

Jemima Khan Is Being Surrounded By Imran Khan Fans Asking That One Question She Doesn’t Want To Answer!


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Call it Pakistan’s golden time or something else but Imran Khan’s tenure has sure proved to be quite beneficial for the country! From the crown prince coming to the country and giving HUGE aid, to finding oil reserves in Karachi. Everything so far has been proved right, and people can’t help but love Imran Khan for that!

It a recent survey conducted nation wide, it was stated that 57% of people were happy with Imran Khan’s job! Well, everyday Pakistan wakes up to a good news and there isn’t much that an unfortunate country like Pakistan asks for. For past few decades, Pakistan saw it’s darkest times and the people lost all hopes, we believed that this land is no longer fertile enough to have a good leader.

So, as much as people admire Imran Khan, they love his first ex-wife and the one who could have been the first lady. Jemima has all the reason to receive that love.


Jemima isn’t too active on social media and keeps herself away from any controversies but every time she tweets something people try to drag her back to the square one.

She was talking about how people of UK who once supported Theresa May’s stance are not saying that “circumstances and context” have changed!

But to her concern for the Brexit, Pakistanis have no care for and all they want to know is “Do you still love Imran Khan?”!


And then she took a screenshot and said that this would always be the first reply to her tweet from anyone, untill she’s alive!

Pakistani will never let her forget Imran Khan, no matter how many years will pass! After Imran Khan was declared as PM, everyone wanted Jemima to come to Pakistan and attend his oath taking ceremony. But he already has a wife guys! *face palm*!

Her supporting Imran Khan is cute and adorable, and everyone knows that she and Imran sacrificed their marriage for his dream but things have changed! He remarried twice after Jemima and they both are over it.

But Jemima’s tweet didn’t mean anything at all. We can’t take meaning out of it! Pakisanis still think that she means a “yes”! UGGHH!!!

Yeah, Pakistanis love you but will never let you seperate from Imran Khan!



Well, Pakistanis thought that she screenshotted this reply in agreement to the question but… ummm! Khair, they are fully functioning adults and they know what “moving on” means and they have MOVED ON! And it’s high time that Pakistanis should move on too. *Bangs head*

Do you guys have anything to add to the story? Do you think Jemima still does? Love Imran? Urrghh! Anyways, let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Cheers. 😉


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