Indian Professor Makes Extremely Controversial Claim About Women Who Wear Jeans!


Indian Professor Makes Extremely Controversial Claim About Women Who Wear Jeans!


From time to time, Indians end up making fools of themselves on the internet, and as inhumane it is, it’s always funny to us Pakistanis. From number plates hanging around cows necks, to Indians thinking cow urine can cure health problems, we now introduce you to a biology professor, who has just made a remarkable discovery.

Indian professor Rajith Kumar has made an outlandish statement, where he says that women who wear jeans, give birth to transgenders. As scientific as his claim sounds, it really has nothing to do with biology or science. The illogical and bizarre remarks have not gone well with the general public as well.


Rajith Kumar made the statement in a public awareness lecture in India’s Kerala, where he also claimed that there are over 6 lakh transgenders in Kerala, who have been born like this as a result of their mothers wearing jeans.ย “Women who wear jeans, shirts and dress like men give birth to transgenders. There are over 6 lakh transgenders in Kerala,” Rajith told students.

The Indian professor further said that couples can give birth to “good children” which can be men or women, indirectly stating that transgender children are “bad” – does that make any sense whatsoever? Rajith made things more complicated when he said that couples who have bad character give birth to children with cerebral palsy, autism, jaundice and other illnesses.


Previously, Indian professor Rajith Kumar had made negative comments about women at a girls college, which did not go well with the public as well. This is his second episode of internet uproar, and he doesn’t seem like he will be stopping anytime soon.

The Health Minister of Kerala did not take Rajith’s comments too nicely. This is what she had to say: “Kumar has not withdrawn his controversial statements so far. The government is mulling initiating legal action against him.”

Indians too, were extremely embarrassed by the professor’s comments on social media

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