Pakistanis On The Internet ‘Unhappy’ After Demolition Of 100-Year-Old Ahmadi Mosque In Sialkot!


Pakistan, a country that was build on the ideology of Islam, a separate country for the Muslims of the sub-continent, was never supposed to be violent towards the minorities. The Ahmadi community of Pakistan, however, since the inception of the country, has been prosecuted and tormented by different groups.

Recently, a historical Ahmadi mosque situated in Sialkot, Punjab, was demolished by an angry mob during the Holy month of Ramadan. The mosque was empty when the mob attacked it, just after the Fajr prayers the other day. The mosque had remained intact for 135 years, where Ahmadi Muslims gathered daily to offer their prayers.


Ahmadis were declared “non-Muslims” by Pakistan in 1974, depriving them of many basic rights. “An emotionally charged mob of people belonging to different groups and segments of society reached there and damaged several parts of the building,” a police officer from Sialkot said.

Leftist Pakistanis seem to be very angry on the incident, especially after the remarks of a cleric went viral on video, just after the mosque was demolished by the angry mob.

“I want to thank the Sialkot administration, the DPO (District Police Officer), DC (District Commissioner), the TMA (Town Municipal Corporation), from the bottom of my heart,” said the cleric. “Because as Muslims it was your responsibility to complete this work.”

This is how Pakistanis reacted to the demolition of the 100-year-old mosque

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