Interior Minister Shehryar Afridi Is Winning Many Hearts And Already Proving To Be A Hero


Interior Minister Shehryar Afridi Is Winning Many Hearts And Already Proving To Be A Hero


When the parliamentary board of PTI didn’t issue the party ticket for General Elections 2018 to Shehryar Afridi in the first step, the apparent movement of silent critics forced PTI to provide him the ticket as he is one of the senior members of PTI in Kohat. But it has been seen that Shehryar himself never forced his party officials for any favor.

And after winning the MNA seat from NA-32 Constituency in Kohat, Shehryar Afridi proved himself as a capable candidate for the cabinet. Prime Minister Imran Khan appointed Shehryar Afridi as Interior Minister of Pakistan. Earlier, Imran Khan had decided to control the ministry of Interior himself.

After taking the oath as Interior Minister, Shehryar Afridi was seen in full action. He started an anti-encroachment drive in Islamabad, crackdown against drug dealers and now his kind gesture swirled social media. He visited New Town Police Station Rawalpindi late night where teenagers and adults were locked up in the jail. He then called ASI of the concerned police station and asked him about the captives. Shehryar Afridi met every single person arrested by the police, he even sat with them on the floor and listened to them carefully.

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While talking to HUM News, Shehryar Afridi said that someone called me around 2 p.m and asked to visit the jail. Upon reaching the jail, he saw children of about 13-14 years old and a few adults who were locked up in the jail for minor issues. He added that if ministers will continue to sit in their offices, the condition of Pakistan will remain the same as it is since the last seventy years!

He told about the worst condition of Punjab Police because of political interference in the system. Shehryar believes that the initiatives PTI government took in KPK should be a role model for all the other provinces.

It is good to see that at least PTI is in action now. We hope that people must take the new government time for rebuilding the whole structure. Shehryar Afridi is one example, we are waiting to see more PTI ministers following his footprints.

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