Shaheed Siraj Raisani’s Son Just Embarrassed An Indian Army Major|


Shaheed Siraj Raisani’s Son Just Embarrassed An Indian Army Major After He Tried To Malign Pakistan Army

Shaheed Siraj Raisani’s Son Just Embarrassed An Indian Army Major After He Tried To Malign Pakistan Army!


In 2015, the Pakistan Army’s Special Services Group (SSG) has been listed as the best special forces group by Business Insider, Australia. The website ranked Pakistani commandos as one of the best top elite forces from around the world. In March 2018, a globally renowned United States website Global Firepower has ranked Pakistan as the 13th most powerful military power in the world. And Pakistan’s Army SSG commandos achieved these ranks all because of the toughest training sessions!

SSG Commandos are known as the ‘Black Storks’ due to the unique headgear that is worn. The training of the soldiers in the unit reportedly includes completing a 36-mile march in just 12 hours and a five-mile run in 20 minutes in full gear! You can find numerous YouTube videos on how Pakistan elite special forces SSG gets trained. After completing the training, these commandos have been deployed in different areas of Pakistan for conducting different operations.

Yesterday, an Indian Major and ‘Special Forces Veteran’ shared a video from his official Twitter account and confused Baloch youth with SSG Commandos! While sharing a 46 seconds video clip, Major Surendra Poonia wrote in the caption that in Mand Area of Kech District Balochistan, the Balochi people are being mistreated by fellow Pakistanis. ‘What about the human rights of Baloch people? Aren’t they human?’ wrote Major Poonia.

Here Is What Indian Major Tweeted From His Official Account

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But as people found the truth, they start tagging Major Sahab in the complete video of the SSG commandos training.

Son Of Nawabzada Siraj Raisani, Nawabzada Jamal Khan Raisani Taught Indian Major Very Well!

Nawabzada Siraj Raisani, a provincial assembly candidate from a newly formed political party Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) lost his life during General Elections 2018. He was a true patriot who always raised voice against anti-Pakistan elements. In 2017, Siraj Raisani bagged the record of making the largest Pakistan’s flag which stretched from Quetta to Mastung. Being the son of a true patriot, Jamal Khan Raisani has raised his voice on another false claim from across the border.

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Jamal Raisani wrote in his tweet that he is amazed to see Baloch youth in military pants! ‘This is Pakistani SSG practice’, Jamal pointed Major’s mistake in his tweet. Praising Pakistan Army, Jamal Raisani wrote that our soldiers became the greatest one as they are being taught to bear immense pain.

Here Is How Other People Reacted To Major Surendra’s Tweet!

Indian Major Is Getting Schooled For Being Unaware Of SSG Commandos Training!

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Even Their Own People Are Raising Fingers On His Credibility!

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‘Major Raho, Actor Na Bano’

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Wah Bhai, Wah!

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As we all know how India is destabilizing Balochistan, this has confirmed that Pakistan took an Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadav into custody who is a serving Officer of the Indian Navy, Kulbushan is still in Pakistan’s custody and International Court Of Justice is hearing his case. This tweet by Indian Major Surendra Poonia is another failed stunt for sabotaging the brotherhood between Balochistan and Pakistan Army. Let’s see what the Major has to say after getting a befitting response from social media users.

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