Independent Candidate Jibran Nasir and his Workers Attacked By the Workers of TLP, JI and APML in Bizerta, Karachi


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On Friday evening at the Bizerta Lines, Karachi, a group of mob attacked Jibran Nasir, independent candidate for NA247 and PS111, along with his team of volunteers and workers. According to the videos that went viral, the workers of Jibran Nasir shared how the attack was not alone by Tehreek-i-Labaik, but also from Jimate-i-Islam and All-Pakistan Muslim League. The mob not only attacked the team, but also tore the election posters of Jibran Nasir.

Jibran Nasir was in the area to speak to his corner meeting when the mob attacked the site and harassed the workers. Jibran stood with his workers and continued preaching the area where he was attacked. On the other hand, while a lot was already live streamed by the volunteers of Jibran Nasir, the candidate later shared on Twitter how they were attacked by TLP.

“We led our team through every lane of Bizerta Lines TLP clashed with us again assaulting male/female workers but we responded with flying kisses.” Stated Jibran while sharing how violence was used to stop them, but they did not respond in the same manner.

The Video Reveals How During the Peaceful Preaching By Jibran and His Team, this Is How they Were Attacked

Even Then They Responded Without Violence

It is shameful to see how Jibran Nasir and his workers are attacked for the vision they preach.

Jibran Nasir Mentioned How He, Just Like Every Political Party, Should Be Allowed to Conduct their Election Activities Without Such Oppression

Jibran Further Shared that He and His Team Left the Situation Unharmed

Pakistanis, and the Supporters of Jibran Nasir Condemned the Attack By Opposition

The news was floating all over social media regarding how the political figure and his team was attacked for being vocal on their stance.


There Is Quite A Vision Here

Shocking to see how the pre-election fiasco are being conducted. Hope Jibran Nasir and his team gets serious support from the rangers of Karachi so he may conduct his pre-election campaigns freely.


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