Video Of A Beastly Workout Is Going Viral And People Believe It Is Imran Khan Doing It!


Only a couple of months to go till the country finds out who its new Prime Minister is going to be, and with the way things look right now, most definitely, it is going to be Imran Khan, the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf Chieftain, who has fought hard for the people and against the oppressors.

Imran Khan ousted the former PM of the country, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, single-handed. His stance against corruption and foreign assets proved to be pivotal in the ex-PM’s removal and now, the country is all but ready to bring the Captain of the 92′ winning World Cup team into the highest office of the country.


Regardless of his thinking, people admire Imran Khan for more than one reason. His looks, personality, and his never say never attitude are some of his top traits apart from his political stance. Some time back, a video surfaced where Imran Khan was seen working like a beast in the gym, doing a routine that not many youngsters can pull off.

Imran had been doing this workout routine at the age of 66 and it definitely won over a lot of people. Somebody even went to the extent of saying, “let’s just vote for Imran Khan because no other person in Pakistan can be a PM and workout like this!” – Others, harsh as ever, said that Khan was on steroids, because nobody at 66 can do what he was seen doing.

This is how the internet reacted to Imran Khan’s physique and his workout routine

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