PM Imran Khan Starts ‘Sehat Insaf Cards’ Program Which Will Benefit 15 Million Pakistani Families!


PM Imran Khan Starts ‘Sehat Insaf Cards’ Program Which Will Benefit 15 Million Pakistani Families!


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Poverty and overpopulation are just two of the major issues in Pakistan, every other day the less fortunate suffer from ill health and due to the scarcity of resources, they cease to exist. Although, the recent changes that PM Imran Khan is bringing to the table are certainly refreshing.

It looks like there’s a Naya Pakistan in the process and the changes are visible, probably not huge but it’s a step!

The government of Pakistan and State life has signed an agreement on Wednesday to provide Sehat Insaf Cards (SIC) to 15 million families. Under the Universal Health Coverage of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Sehat Sahulat Program (SSP) will be executing all over Pakistan.

Through this push, poor families will be provided free of cost health insurance to secure indoor health care services worth Rs 720,000 from impaneled hospitals.

Under the Sehat Insaf program open heart surgeries, insertion of stunts, management of cancer, neurosurgical procures, burn management, accident management, dialysis, intensive care management, deliveries, C section, and other medical/surgical procedures services would be provided to 15 million families.

Moreover, Captain (R) Zahid Saeed, Federal Secretary National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination (NHSRC) and Chairman State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan signed the agreement.

Ministry of National Health Service, Regulations and Coordination, in collaboration with participating provinces and regions, has completed its acquisition to expand its health initiative of “Sehat Sahulat Program” in Pakistan.

Furthermore, the initiative also promises to provide Rs 1,000 transportation cost to its heir on their discharge. Here’s how people have responded the step that the PM has taken:

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People have mixed reviews about the initiative and are seeking details from the PM, let us know your take on this and share your views in the comments below.


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