PM Imran Khan Provides Home To Elderly Woman Who Went Viral And This Is The Positivity Pakistan Needed

PM Imran Khan Provides Home To Elderly Woman Who Went Viral And This Is The Positivity Pakistan Needed!


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Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday took notice of an elderly and destitute woman’s plea for help after a video of her went viral on social media. The premier gave directives to authorities in the federal capital and Baitul Maal’s managing director in this regard.

PM Imran assured the woman, identified as Naseem Bibi, that the government would reach out and help her.

The prime minister got in touch with her via video call, in which he said: “It was saddening to see your video and I want to assure you that I will do everything in my power to help you.”

In response,  Deputy Commissioner Islamabad posted a tweet in which he wrote:

“The Prime Minister of Pakistan has personally called the lady. She talked to him on a video call. Directions have been received. MD Baitul Mal is on site and resolving all the issues Alhamdulillah.”

Here’s how Twitter responded to the selfless act of PM Imran Khan.

One user wrote, “Thank you, Hamza, and @AliAwanPTI for your personal attention to help the woman who must have gone through hell sitting under an open sky waiting for someone to notice her plight.”

Another user wrote, “Excellent news. Your outreach is impressive for it eased the long ordeal of an aging helpless lady. I say lady for she has the grace and poise of one even in penury. May she see ease and comfort henceforth.”

One more user inquired if this solution is permanent, “Would be nice if you could update on what was the resolution? Is it another one time meal or do something on a permanent basis?”

Another user tweeted, “This just broke my heart. I’m speechless and ashamed of my own self and expenses when we have mothers like these who haven’t eaten in days. Allah Hidayet aur Silahiyet dey mughey kuch karney ki Inshallah.

While Pakistan is one of the richest countries in Asia, poverty in Pakistan is a fact of life for most of its people. The main cause of Pakistan’s poverty rate is the fact that many Pakistanis lack basic human rights. Many Pakistanis, often women and children, are begging in the streets throughout their country.

It’s about time that actions are taken to prevent these issues and look like Naya Pakistan is just around the corner! This is a great step towards a better change, let us know what you all think of this.

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