PM Imran Khan Called On Viral ‘Snow Polio Worker’ And He Is Legit Winning Every Pakistani’s Heart!


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It seems like that the Naya Pakistan is finally visible and a drastic change is just around the corner. Prime Minister Imran Khan is on the verge to flaunt the change that he’s striving to achieve. From lifting the discriminatory ban on maids in clubs to making all the international Pakistanis proud – the PM is making efforts for a better Pakistan.

We can’t yet come to the conclusion that he’s perfect but it’s safe to say that he may be best out of a bad bunch. Recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan hosted polio workers from Swat, who took social media by storm. They were seen performing their duties in extremely cold weather.

Imran Khan really admired the polio workers and paid a grand tribute to them. The polio workers from Swat had won the hearts online across Pakistan, and from across the world after their snow video went viral on social media platforms.

#SalamPolioWorker became a top trend on social media after a short video of a polio worker identified as Inamullah making his way at -13 degree Celsius in over 4 feet snow-covered mountainous area to perform his duty got popular. Although the walk is difficult for him – it’s his courage and commitment to his profession which is probably what’s taking him forward! How inspiring is that?

People took Twitter to express their love and affection for PM and Inamullah, here are few!

Talking about their happiness!

This user just read our minds!

Ek jhappi idher, ek jhappi udhar

We will certainly defeat it!

This user had a little insight

Polio workers have been the backbone of Pakistan’s combat against the crippling polio virus. They strive to make a healthier Pakistan while struggling to just get a tad warmer. With these unsung heroes, we’re sure to see a better Pakistan in future. What do you all think?

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