Video Footage Of Mother Beating Imam Masjid For Abusing Her Little Daughter Goes Viral!


Video Footage Of Mother Beating Imam Masjid For Abusing Her Little Daughter Goes Viral!


There’s a very famous saying which says that when there is a state of lawlessness, anarchy usually prevails. That is exactly what is happening in Pakistan when it comes to child abuse. Due to the safe nature of punishments for this ridiculous crime, people usually thing that they can get away with pedophilia and child abuse. However, that is not the case anymore.

Video footage of a mother and Imam Masjid has gone viral on the internet for a very tragic reason. As per details, the Imam of the Masjid had been teaching her very young daughter the Quran. When the child on day complained to her mother about the Imam touching her all the time, trying to make advances at him, things went out of control.


The mother, father and other family members of the little girl went straight to the mosque and decided to confront the abusing Mullah. With sticks in their hand, the video footage was recorded to teach him a lesson. The mother grabbed a stick and started beating the Imam ruthlessly for the shameful act he had committed.

So shocked was the Imam that he did not even deny the allegation and accepted his fate, as the mother of the girl kept swinging the stick at him. Once she was done, it was time for other family members to thrash the disgraced Mullah. The mother of the little girl keeps asking the Imam, if he did not have his own daughters, sisters or mother. She keeps screaming, “Did you not feel shame while doing it? did you not feel shame while touching my innocent daughter?” 

The mom then went on and grabbed her daughter’s hand in hers, as she wanted the child to beat this devil as well. This incident proves that children today are being made aware of their surroundings. The teaching of difference between a ‘good touch’ and a ‘bad touch’ is genuine, and it is something that every parent needs to teach their children.

It is also being reported that after the Imam was thrashed for a decent period of time, he was later handed over to police officials for sexually abusing a little child. Ever since the rape and murder of little Zainab Ansari, the country has become loathe to such incidents and people, no matter where they are, raise their voice against this sick vice that exists in our society.

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