Holy Month of Ramadan Without the Access of Natural Gas


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Natural Gas, the one and only natural resource which is available all over Pakistan with cheap rates even in less privileged areas. But yet one historical and unfortunate village in District Matiari, Sindh is craving for it and still using old style hearths for cooking and other purposes. Village Pahar Khan Jamali, located on center point is a junction between Nawabshah, Sarhari and Saeedabad are still not provided with the Sui Gas.

Almost two years back when the gas was approved for this area, every village other than this were supplied with the gas. Even the gas supply is going through this village to the backward areas and villages behind our village. We only get to see the supply pipes with our eyes but not the gas, people of this village raised the issue to deputy commissioner too.

Source: Association for Humanitarian Development

During the meeting, he told that the approved letter for gas included gas supply to your village too but we have been restricted by the Makhdooms of Hala. i.e your members of provincial and national assemblies (MPA/MNA).

In recent meeting with Sui Gas Chief on personal behalf, he explained that your issue has raised high and we even got orders from Prime Minister house and are willing to provide you supply but I can not as I am getting threats from your MPA/MNAs and they forbade me to give you supply else I will be suspended or transferred.

We the people of this village collectively request the authorities concerned to take urgent actions and provide us with the gas as it’s our basic right. Moreover, it is really difficult for us to live and observe fasts without gas during this Holy month of Ramadan.

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