Hockey Champion's Trophy: India Beat Pakistan By 4-0 In The First Match Of The Tournament


Hockey Champion’s Trophy: India Beat Pakistan By 4-0 In The First Match Of The Tournament


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Not many people would know as the FIFA fever has taken the grips in Pakistani youth and we have completely forgotten our national game. 37thth Hockey Championship is going on in the Netherlands with six big teams including Pakistan participating in this event. The tournament will continue from 23rd June to 1st of July.

But sadly, once again Pakistan lost today’s (23rd June 2018) game against traditional rival India by four goals. I am not a keen hockey fan but I could tell that beating 3 goals in last ten minutes of the game, does not seem to be happening against a well-prepared team. Why was the goalkeeper replaced in last ten minutes, I expect someone can explain that?

Source: India TV

Nevertheless, India has set a great momentum of winning the event. However, Indian has never won the champion trophy whereas Pakistan has won it three times already. Hoping that we would see some interesting and winning matches from Pakistan. May the best team wins.

It is worth mentioning that champion’s trophy is usually played between best six teams of the world out of 35. Australia (FIH Hero World Ranking: 1), Argentina (WR: 2), Belgium (WR 3), Netherlands (WR 4), India (WR 6). Though, Pakistan world ranked 13th on the world ranking, only given a chance to play with this elite group to improve their declining performance.

There was a time when Pakistan was the king of hockey empire but now even scoring a goal is a far cry. Hockey has been suffering from lack of budget, inadequate coaches, and facilities. If appropriate measures are not taken soon it will disappear from the canvas of national pride.

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