This Pakistani Guy Made An Insensitive Video About APS "Shuhada" And People Are Angry!


This Pakistani Guy Made An Insensitive Video About APS “Shuhada” And People Are Angry!


Four years back, on this date and time, lives of hundreds of children were taken in Peshawar. On this day, some beasts entered the school premises and took the lives of innocent children and teachers. As narrated by a student who made it alive after the incident; he said when he and his friend heard the sounds, they hid into a cabin and left the door open so these blood hungry animals could enter thinking there’s no one.

He further mentioned, when everyone from the cabin escaped, the kid couldn’t because he wasn’t tall enough to climb the roof! He later entered the nearby class and saw blood everywhere from the bodies of his fellow schoolmates. He heard the sound of boots and hid under the motionless bodies of his friends. The beats made sure that no kid stays alive and tried to shoot even the already soulless bodies of the kids. Anyhow, the kid escaped telling his tales!

Four years after the heinous incident took place the world still mourns on 16th of December for the innocent kids who fell prey to the hands of these beast! But there are still a lot of people who get very incentive about this incident, not knowing how much it would affect the people who lost their loved ones.

This kid tried to show his emotions towards the innocent kids, but it seems like his way was not right and it surely created a lot of uproar over the internet!

He made a tiktok video by putting fake blood over his shirt

People couldn’t express themselves that how at so many levels it seems wrong!

But the worst part was, where the boy tried to give a message by recalling what happened, but people started abusing him for his ways and he abused them back. Making the thread uglier than before!

All that he got was hate! From everywhere.

Someone tried defending him, but people were just not happy with how he made the video!

Cashing on someone else’s misery! Not good.

He had many other choices for making the video and showing his feeling for the innocent kids, but was clearly not a good choice! What do you guys think about it?!

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