Government Announces To Double the Salary of the President of Pakistan!


Government Announces To Double the Salary of the President of Pakistan!


On Monday 29th, 2018, the government moved a bill in the NA to double the salary of the sitting president of Pakistan. This bill raised a lot of criticism by the opposing parties as well. The President’s Salary, and Privileges Bill, 2018 was introduced by Shaikh Aftab Ahmed, the Minister for Parliamentary.

According to the bill, the government will increase the salary of the president in the Fourth Schedule of the Consitution of Pakistan. According to Express Tribune, the current salary of the president is Rs 4,50,000 and will be increased to Rs 8,45,550.

In this bill, as notified by the Gazette of Pakistan, the government may amend the fourth schedule in order to increase the salary of Pakistan’s president in order to view the remuneration of the Pakistani president.

With tabling this bill, the opposition raised criticism as well. PTI’s Dr. Shireen Mazari shared how it is a shame that teachers in Pakistan are not being enough like the Pakistan Steel Mills employees in the past few months. She said under such situations, there is a bill that focuses on the salary of the president only. She also stated that there is no logic behind the increase in the president’s salary as “the president does not work. The government must withdraw this bill,”

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While the government is persistent on passing the bill, the counting of the House was found not in order and the speaker thus adjourned the house.

There’s yet to be a status of confirmation on the bill that will increase the salary of the president.

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