Pakistan Government Allowed 'Indian Spy' Kulbhushan Jadhav to Meet with his Family and the Indians Weren't Happy!


Pakistan Government Allowed ‘Indian Spy’ Kulbhushan Jadhav to Meet with his Family and the Indians Weren’t Happy!


On Monday morning, ex-navy Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav was allowed to meet with his wife and mother. Arranged at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the convicted Indian spy had a 40-minute long meeting with the wife an mother. The two arrived in Islamabad via commercial flight, according to Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr. Muhammad Faisal.

Jadhav’s wife Chetankul and mother Avanti made a stop at the Indian High Commission before visiting him in Islamabad. According to Indian media, the two were accompanied by three Indian foreign ministry officials and JP Singh, Indian Deputy High Commissioner. “Both women looked very serious. They didn’t say anything despite journalists shouting questions at them. They quietly walked towards the building,” said BBC Hindi’s Shumaila Jeffery.

Jadhav was Allowed to Meet with his Family After 22 Months

Jadhav is convicted of the death penalty and therefore, was allowed to meet with his family. He was given a death sentence by a military court in April 2017.

In a Pre-Recorded Video, Jadhav Thanked Pakistan Government for Allowing him to Meet with his Family

“I requested a meeting with my wife and mother and I am thankful to Govt of Pakistan for this grand gesture.” 


The Indians, However, were Not Happy with the Meeting and were Spreading Misleading News



Indians were Calling Pakistanis Inhumane

And the Indian Media Did

According to the Indian media, the wife was harassed by Pakistanis – was forced to remove her bindi and mangalsutarr

The Indians were Speculating that Jhadav has been Tortured in Pakistan

It was indeed a sign of gesture that the Pakistan government allowed a convicted spy to meet with his family – a man who is responsible killing hundreds. If it were for the Indians, a more extremist approach would have been implemented and despite that, the Indians are complaining and misleading news.



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