General Elections 2018: Is Pakistan Ready To Take A Flight From 'Unusual' To 'Usual' State?


General Elections 2018: Is Pakistan Ready To Take A Flight From ‘Unusual’ To ‘Usual’ State?


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As usual, as it sounds, Pakistan is a very unusual country, to begin with. Pakistan has faced various challenges in the past, it might have been very close to having been called a failed state, a bankrupt state, even a faltering state according to think tanks. However, at the time they were proven wrong. Now it is obvious that not everything is oiled well every state does have flaws. Despite having some flaws at all levels of the government, military, bureaucracy, judiciary somehow it was these very institutions that got Pakistan out of boiling waters before and even today.

The air is different now, there are not many frequent whispers of a military takeover as the new trend by the mover and shakers of the state is left to public officials, judiciary, and politicians. The army chief Qamar Bajwa has asserted his claim to support democracy no matter how fumbling it might have been. A huge statement was made on his part when the Army Chief had a session of questions and answers with senators on November 19th, 2017 he became the first Army Chief to do so.

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The current situation in the country can be described in one word and that would be a confusion. First time in Pakistan’s history it seems people are choosing to have their own opinion. Some are sympathizing with the outside ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif, some are excited for a new change that PTI might sweep the 2018 elections and finally, a long vision of the Insafians would come to reality seeing Imran Khan as the new prime minister. Some still hold there trust in Asif Ali Zardari’s realistic point of view on politics and want to play it smart if not right.

The issue in Karachi to be settled with new players entering the arena has given Pakistan’s financial capital a new hope that every citizen of Karachi has his and her own mind to associate them with a single party or with many parties as one wishes.

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Ultimately all this mass confusion is bringing a sense of clarity in the long run and a possible hope for democracy in Pakistan. However, things aren’t that simple in the world of diplomacy and local politics. Backroom deals, black swan events, a false flag attack all that might hinder the strengthening of democracy and the stability of the state cannot be ignored. The security of political leaders and citizens voters should be the utmost priority of the state during elections campaigns. We all remember the turmoil Pakistan faced locally and internationally after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and I have always wondered what “could have been” if that tragic chapter could be removed from our history.

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Coming to the current political situation, the “kaptan” Imran Khan seems to be topping the charts, despite the scandals, despite the fact that his internal party rifts on the television and social media for now. All that adds to the extra pressure of possible security concern on him? It’s known that Imran Khan is pretty careless when it comes to security details. Imran should be more careful as the confusion that is prevailing amongst state security apparatus is anything but clear at the moment. I wish a long and healthy life to Imran Khan as he got married after all! He haunts various political parties while he is alive I wonder how the situation would be otherwise, he might prove to be more dangerous.

As I mentioned earlier, Pakistan is a very unusual place, strategically and diplomatically and the role it can play to bring peace in the region cannot be ignored. This is why global powers might want to engage in the region through Pakistan and this has been reflected in current and recent years.

A peaceful transition of power is very important no matter who wins the elections with the majority or forms a collective government but that is the secondary goal. The primary goal of the state should be to ensure the security apparatus within the country is working well, all departments can take the beating of confusion with one government going and the other temporarily filling its boots while one waits in high hopes to refill the power gap that is currently present. The one aspect that cannot and should not be in any sort of confusion or doubt is internal security at the moment. It is a crucial time in the history of Pakistan and its newly found romance with democracy and it should be safeguarded.

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