A World Cup Winning Footballer Just Donated To Shahid Afridi Foundation And We're Like "Wah Bhai!"


A World Cup Winning Footballer Just Donated To Shahid Afridi Foundation And We’re Like “Wah Bhai!”


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Football in Pakistan might not be the biggest deal, but for a decent faction of the society, it is everything. Even though the local setup of football in Pakistan is not the best, but fans of foreign leagues such as the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga make things worthwhile.

In Pakistan, the only sport that is worshipped is cricket, along with the legends of the game such as Shahid Afridi and others, which include the incumbent Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.

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Continuing with Shahid Afridi, many of you might be aware of Lala’s extremely philanthropic works via the Shahid Afridi Foundation. The concept of #HopeNotOut created by Shahid Afridi and his team showcases how one must never back out from helping the lower ebbs of society, and the SA Foundation is an example of just that.

Something recently happened that has shocked sports fans in the country. A sublime feat of football and cricket together. A world cup winning footballer from France just donated his signed jersey to the Shahid Afridi Foundation. Yes, we’re talking about France and Chelsea FC’s mastermind in the midfield, Ngolo Kante.

Shahid Afridi took to Twitter to announce the news and literally shock football fans of the country. The tweet has a picture of Ngolo Kante holding a signed Chelsea FC jersey which will be donated to the Shahid Afridi Foundation. From there, somebody, a fan, will bid for the jersey at the auction, paying the decided amount to the SA Foundation.

“Thank you’ @nglkante for your very kind contribution towards @SAFoundationN; your signed shirt will be received well by our donors in auction at our UK fundraisers this month. Thank You @mamadousakho for making it happen! Together we are #HopeNotOut @sportsdrzaf,” wrote Lala on Twitter.

The tweet is grabbing every football fan’s attention, along with those from across the border. People are literally amazed at how Lala was able to create a link between himself and Kante, who is one of the best-known midfielders in the world currently. Kante’s rise to footballing came after his sublime league victories with Leicester City and Chelsea FC.

As per the understanding, a British-Pakistani named Dr. Zafar was involved in the ordeal, who had previously worked as a physician for Liverpool FC as well. He coordinated with Mamadou Sakho to arrange for Ngolo Kante’s jersey. Being humble and nice, as heard before, Kante lived up to the expectations and donated his signed jersey to the Shahid Afridi Foundation. Lala seems to be scoring even after his retirement from cricket!

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