Pictures From Inaugural Class Of Pakistan's First Transgender School Are Nothing But Heart-Warming!


Pictures From Inaugural Class Of Pakistan’s First Transgender School Are Nothing But Heart-Warming!


Over the last decade or so, rights of the third sex, the transgenders, has been advocated on every single platform. Their humble nature, simplicity, want of being accepted and the will to be a part of society has paved way for their entrance in the main domain of the country.

As reported before, the country finally welcomes its first school for transgenders, which has been set up in Lahore. The initiative has been taken up by an NGO named Exploring Future Foundation (EFF). The inaugural class of the school brought smiles on the faces of both students and their teachers, as the school proves to be a one-of-a-kind affair.

Source: AFP

The Gender Guardian school wants to be a one stop shop for the transgenders, where they can come and learn different arts of life, so that nobody can say that the khwajasiras ‘only know how to dance and sing’ – to become strong members of the society, they need to learn the tricks that men and women know, through which they earn their livelihoods, competing against each other.

Source: AFP

The first of its kind school will offer technical training along with education, so that the unfortunate can earn a respectable livelihood for themselves, something that has not been possible so far in the country. The CEO of NGO, Arif Shehzad, had talked about how the transgenders too deserved a shot at life and a career, looking for growth and prosperity.

Source: AFP

Pictures from the opening day event have been going viral on social media, as The Gender Guardian starts to make a name for itself. Up until now, more than 50 transgender students have registered themselves with the school and almost 15 members are present as faculty, which includes some very learned lecturers who will try and reshape the lives of their students.

The first day of the school saw teachers and students mingle with each other, where they discussed what prospects they would be working on and how their mindset needs to change in order to fix-in the society. Students and teachers present took selfies and made a memorable day out of the particular occasion.

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