Father Goes To Court Against Son For Talking To Girls On Phone In Ramadan


Father Goes To Court Against Son For Talking To Girls On Phone In Ramadan


Although parents all around the world are same but Pakistani parents are a bit different. They are more caring, loving and more possessive than others. Sometimes, this possessiveness makes their children short-tempered and fiery while parents consider this overprotective nature as their responsibility. They keep an eye on the day-to-day activities of their children and show great worry if they found some change in it.

Recently, a father from Lahore, Haji Sadiq filed a plea against his son, Irfan because his son was talking to girls late night in the holy month of Ramadan. He said that he was trying to stop his son from chatting with girls for several months but his son Irfan was continuously ignoring his orders.

Source: Fortune

According to Sadiq, Irfan’s habit of gossiping with girls was bothering him as he was not paying attention towards studies as well. It has become his practice to go on the rooftop and talk with girls late night on the mobile phone. One day, when Irfan was busy on his phone, Sadiq asked for his phone but Irfan refused which made the doubts of a father stronger and he planned to go to the police station then.

Haji Sadiq approached police cops to file FIR against his son at Shahdara Police Station but they refused. After that, he knocked the court’s door. He requested the court to give orders to SHO for filing the FIR against his son. He also appealed to assign some cops for keeping an eye on the activities of his son in Ramadan.

However, it is good to keep an eagle-eye on children especially on their online activities but the flexible behavior of parents should be complimentary as well. The unreasonable and illogical restrictions can make them rebel and disobedient. To tackle the bad habits of children, parents must start teaching them from an early age rather than lambasting when they reach their teenage.

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