Fake ‘ISSB Preparation’ App For Pak-Army Developed By Enemies To Steal Information


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Every Pakistani boy, fresh out of high school, has one dream on his mind — to become a part of the most reputed Pakistan Army. The selection criteria? ISSB, the Inter Services Selection Board.

The format is simple. Aspiring colts must clear their initial ISSB test to qualify for the latter recruitment phases. Most young men fail to clear the initial test, putting an end to their dream. To overcome this, academies all over Pakistan prepare students for the initial phase of ISSB.


However, seeing the open window of opportunity, Pakistan’s enemies are taking advantage as well. Allegedly, Pakistan Defence, a famous social media page which has strong links to the military, has stated that there is an app on the Google PlayStore which has been developed by Pakistan’s enemies to steal information and sabotage through malware proliferation.

The application is called ‘Initial ISSB Preparation’ which has been developed by Ork Developers. The app has been downloaded over 5000 times. As understood, the app takes in information along with all cellular data from the phone the app is downloaded to.

Many have claimed that there are other such agendas started by Indians — for example, the ISSB training videos on Youtube, most of them, have been uploaded by Indians.

Aspirants of Pakistani Military must boycott the application and if the stated information is correct, concerned authorities, namely the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), needs to take a keen interest in getting it off the PlayStore.

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