'Too Late To Apologize' For Shahid Masood After His Fake Claims Of Violent Child Pornography In Pakistan!


‘Too Late To Apologize’ For Shahid Masood After His Fake Claims Of Violent Child Pornography In Pakistan!


The case that shook Pakistan off its perch, Zainab Ansari’s rape and murder, brought out the best for some people, while negativity was spread by others. It was a case where the whole nation united against one single cause and strengthened each other, demanding justice for the 7-year-old flower which had been nipped in the bud.

After Zainab’s rapist, Imran Ali, was caught and arrested, one veteran journalist of Pakistan, Dr. Shahid Masood made a statement that shocked the whole country. As per Dr. Shahid Masood, Imran Ali was part of an international child pornography ring that live-streamed child-porn from Pakistan.

Source: tribune.com

His allegations were so severe, he even claimed that a Federal Minister was part of the international porn ring which had been operating from Pakistan. However, the Supreme Court, after taking notice of the issue, remanded Shahid Masood on his allegations. The SC concluded its investigation on Shahid Masood’s tip and found nothing.

Shahid Masood had claimed that Imran Ali had 37 bank accounts in Pakistan, which had millions of dollars and euros in them, as most of his members were from Europe, who watched him rape and film little girls, including Zainab. Now it is pertinent here to remember that these are serious allegations, it was never a matter to be joked about.

Source: arynews.com

Now, Shahid Masood has decided to apologize for his allegations, but the Supreme Court of Pakistan has said that it is ‘too late to apologize’. The SC stated that all 18 claims made by Dr. Shahid Masood were fake and baseless. “Some people had suggested you should apologise in [an earlier hearing in] Lahore,” the CJP said. “The time for an apology has now passed,” Justice Nisar further stated.

Source: dailypakistan.com

Even though all allegations of Dr. Shahid Masood were false, he continues to come on television, talking politics and current affairs. As Hamid Mir suggested, any journalist in the world who had made such a big statement, if it came out false, he would have resigned from his designation and ended his career as a journalist. However, Shahid Masood did not take kindly to these words and resorted to the usual mudslinging which is so viable in Pakistan.

Fans of Shahid Masood still partially agree with him that what he told Pakistan was correct, but due to the fear of international isolation, the country is not showing its vices. Others think that Shahid Masood is a journalist whose career ended long time ago, today, he just makes such statements for attention.

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