This Renowned Clothing Brand in Faisalabad was Exposed for Having Hidden Cameras in Their Trial Rooms


This Renowned Clothing Brand in Faisalabad was Exposed for Having Hidden Cameras in Their Trial Rooms


In Faisalabad, a customer found a hidden camera in the trial room and took photos of it and complained about the matter. Upon coming out of the trial room, the management took the customer’s phone and deleted all the evidence. The citizens were really angry on such behavior and not registering the mistake after which the manager of Levis, Noman, was arrested.

The customer complained about the camera being hidden in the cartons placed inside the trial room, in which 2 holes were cut out to place the camera lens. When police arrived at the store, the camera placed in the trial room was removed and police could not get their hands on the camera or data.

Shopping Malls Main Mojood Try Rooms Main Kapray Try Karnay Sy Gurez Karein.

Posted by Karachi Phir Karachi Hai on Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The manager was arrested and he refused to have been involved in the act. He further said it could have been done by an employee or someone else for that matter and explained that he was completely unaware of the activity going on. Citizens of Faisalabad want Levis to look into the matter and take corrective measures.

Here are 4 ways by which a hidden camera in a trial room could be detected. 

1. Phone test

When entering a trial room, notice that if your phone’s network signals have dropped all of a sudden. The other method could be that try calling from your phone and if the call is connected then you can assure yourself that there are no hidden cameras placed in the trial room.

2. Two-way mirror test

Difference between a real mirror and two-way mirror is that when you place your finger on the mirror, there would always be a little space between your actual finger and the image of the mirror. But the two-way mirror is the one where one side of the mirror is a see-through glass and other is a mirror so when you place a finger on a two-way mirror, you would see your finger and the image touching each other.

3. Try looking through

Another way to check a see-through mirror is to place your face on the mirror and put your hand on the eyes as to block the light and this way you could see the other side of the room.

4. Torch test

A two-way mirror is one of the right ways to check for a hidden camera. Another way you could check a see-through mirror is to place your phone’s torch to the mirror and you could a glimpse of the other room which is supposed to be dark so they could see the trial room.

The next time you go to a store, be sure to check for such mirrors. Be safe!

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