This Passenger Shares His Daewoo Bus Experience After A Horrific Accident Near Bahawalpur!


This Passenger Shares His Daewoo Bus Experience After A Horrific Accident Near Bahawalpur!


When it comes to the Winter season, traveling at night and early morning comes with its cautions. Because of the fog on the motorway, it is advised to travel during daytime. Sometimes, however, the cards are not in the right place.

Emad Khalid from Lahore narrated the horrible Daewoo accident he was in a few days ago. Emad was one of the 39 passengers who was traveling on the same bus to Rahim Yar Khan. Unfortunately, the media hasn’t talked much about the accident which could create awareness regarding the matter. The accident led to severe injuries of not just the passengers, but of the driver and bus hostess as well.

Parhlo News Got In Touch with Emad Khalid and he Shared the Following:

The time was around 7 in the morning, it was way too foggy, our speed was around 60-70 km/h, some stupid heavy truck driver was making a U-turn with any indications in such fog, our driver saw him and hit the brakes about 30ft apart and shouted “Ya Allah Khair” a few times so that the passengers could brace for impact, the brakes didn’t help much because the roads and the tires were both slippery due to fog, and the bus had great momentum, just as the driver shouted those words the bus hostess got up from her seat to see what has happened.

The bus collided with the truck in dead center, I didn’t see the hostess but she had really bad injuries, the driver’s legs were stuck in between the seat and the paddle area, and was in v.severe pain, Driver had right femur fracture, right clavicular fracture and compression injury on chest and the hostess had multiple laceration, suspected nasal fracture and imprint marks in extremity, there were 39 passengers on board, many had severe face/head/leg injuries, the ambulances arrived in 8-10 mins and so did the NHA police, the driver’s seat had to be torn apart in order to remove him, I amongst a few others were injured less, the front of the bus around 5 ft and was reduced to 2-3 ft after the accident.
I was dead sleep so it was Allah who saved me from injuries.

Read Emad’s full narration here.

There were no casualties, however, it is recommended if passengers avoid traveling during the night time.

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