Reason Why People Are Calling Shahid Hayat 'Murtaza Bhutto's Killer' After His Corruption Scandal


Reason Why People Are Calling Shahid Hayat ‘Murtaza Bhutto’s Killer’ After His Corruption Scandal


Pakistan police has always been looked upon with great ambiguity by people who live in or out of the country. The status of policemen in Pakistan is considered as very shady by locals due to their shenanigans and tactics of making the most out of their position of authority.

Senior police officials sometimes end up being the most harmful for society. However, not every policeman is of the same character. One such renowned police officials is Shahid Hayat Khan, the Ex-FIA Director of Sindh. A Pakistani media hub, BOL Tv, has laid down serious allegations against Shahid Hayat on charges of corruption, murder, extortion and using his authority to make a fortune through illegal means.


The serious charges come after Shahid Hayat’s name being constantly linked the JS (Jahangeer Siddiqui) Group and his name being mentioned in the Supreme Court’s probe of Rs 2 billion against the JS Group.

When the news broke out on social media and BOL TV covered the whole story, people went on under the video to call Shahid Hayat ‘Murtaza Bhutto’s killer’ — due to him still being dogged and associated in the Murtaza Bhutto murder case.

Furthermore, the BOL story states how Shahid Hayat has always used his position to benefit the JS Group who have been paying him insane amounts of money along with gifts and foreign tours. Shahid Hayat in a video statement said that he had not traveled out of the country for 3 years. BOL, however, alleges that Shahid Hayat has been out of the country multiple times, without leaving an Ex-Pakistan leave.

This is how people reacted to the news story!

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