Another US National With Diplomatic Immunity Leaves Pakistan After Taking A Precious Life!


After Add Form9/11, the US constituted its grip over Pakistan and many other third world nations, suppressing them with the fear of attacks and waves of terrorism. This, indeed, brought upon a long-lasting impact on Pakistan and its dealing with US nationals, whether they are diplomats or tourists.

First, it was Raymond Davis, and now the case is of Colonel Joseph Emanuel Hall, who successfully left the country after taking someone’s precious life. On April 7, 2018, Colonel Joseph Emanuel Hall had jumped a red light near the Daman-e-Koh chowk in Islamabad and crushed a motorcycle. The accident took 22-year-old Ateeq Baig’s precious life.


Colonel Hall had resisted arrest and fled the scene initially due to the diplomatic immunity he has, but an FIR was registered against him at the Kohsar police station in Islamabad. Last week, the Islamabad High Court came out with a decision that the US national had immunity, but it was not absolute in nature.

On investigation, the court found out that Colonel Hall indeed had absolute immunity according to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. Thus, the US defense attache Colonel Joseph Emanuel Hall was not placed on the Exit Control List and was left to leave the country on a US military airplane by the FIA.


However, the release did have a single clause decided between the US govt and Pakistan. Once Colonel Hall reaches the US, he would be tried under the US laws for the life he took in Pakistan. Long shot, but there’s always hope. Hall might be out of Pakistan but as always, Pakistanis are not too happy about the immunity that is offered to diplomats, especially with their rogue actions in the country.

This is how people reacted to Colonel Hall being back in the US

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