This Chinese Girl Embraced Islam To Marry A Pakistani Guy And Wow This Is Called True Love

This Chinese Girl Embraced Islam To Marry A Pakistani Guy And Wow, This Is Called True Love!


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This Germany based Pakistani guy just got married to a Chinese girl, and they make the cutest couple! Last year, Pakistan witnessed many cross-cultural weddings one after another, and people thought “Pakistani larkion ki market down hojaegi”! Well, never knew that any such thing exists. So, a girl from the US flew all the way Pakistan just to marry the love of his life, they both met online and now the dream was coming to reality.

But this case is a little different, here they both flew back to Lahore for their wedding. As the girl loves Pakistan and is head over heels for the people and culture of Pakistan, the couple decided to get married in Lahore. They planned to stay in Pakistan for a little longer, so they both can witness the beauty of the land and also plans on going to Karachi to watch PSL!

The most interesting and beautiful part of this whole love story is that the girl converted to Islam. Yes!! She converted to Islam and then they got married.

She changed her name to Dua!

While the video is making rounds on the internet, and it is making people proud and happy. There are other people who are reminded of their own little misery and are laughing at it! But a few are worried about “Pakistani larkion ki market” AGAIN!!

Ouch! Ab kia hoga?!


Ek dum chaines sir! Ek dum bariha dhondein gy! *face palm*


Hayee! Dil k armaaan! Dil toots.


The couple seems so happy and complete together, they compliment each other. Well, this stereotype of not marrying even outside the family has been broken now. It is completely okay to marry people from outside the family, caste, nationality.

But this one guy who married a US national just for the sake of green card, and when the matter settled down, and the girl wanted to live in Pakistan, all the dreams of the boy shattered to pieces. Ouch!

Well, karma is a… ahem ahem! You what I mean, right! 😉 There have been many cases where boys try to become friends with girls from different countries and promise them to get married. But when the girl finally asks to fulfill the promise these boys step back. So, remember on times like these, karma is a??! Yes, exactly that! 😉

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