Child Beating Video from Egypt Shared On Social Media As An Act By Valsad (Karachi) RM VM School’s Teacher


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The power of social media should never be underestimated. In the recent times, social media has advocated and voiced various issues and has allowed justice in numerous cases as well. However, due to the same reasons, one must be sure of what they are sharing on social media in terms of bringing justice.

A few days ago, a video was shared on social media by Pakistanis. This video showed a school teacher beating a child in an inhumane manner. Most of the versions shared of the video were inaudible – without allowing the watchers to see what the teacher was saying while beating the child horribly.

The outrage by Pakistanis made the video viral, accusing the local school of being the problematic cause behind the action.

Facebook Removed the Video Where the Locals Claimed it Was from the Local School

On the Other Hand, Indians Believed the Beating of a Child Was From their School In Gujarat

Later in this video, you will see how once the teacher beats and toss one child, he then goes to another young boy and starts beating him as well.

While people were confused whether this video was from Gujarat or Karachi, Alt News came forward and shared reference of the video that was going viral. Daily Mail in 2014 shared this video with the title, “Wife films secret footage of orphanage manager beating children with a stick and kicking them in Egypt” 

The article further shared the following:

 “The video shows Osama Mohamed Othman hitting the children before kicking them as they run away, screaming in pain. State-run Al-Ahram newspaper said Othman’s estranged wife filmed the video two months ago at Dar Mecca Al-Mokarama Orphanage in Giza”.

Conclusively, the video is neither from Karachi nor from Gujarat but from Egypt and that too, 4 years old.

It is essential to do a proper background check or research when targetting a particular institute. While this video indeed is a horrific view of demonstration, false claims need to be refrained from.

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