Candi Is Celebrating Friendship In Style And Their New TVC Is Paying Tribute To That One #KhaasDost -

Candi Is Celebrating Friendship In Style And Their New TVC Is Paying Tribute To That One #KhaasDost!


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It’s always been said that friends are the family we choose for ourselves! And nothing can be truer than this statement. We only extend the hand of friendship when we know what we’re going to get in return would be a sweet barter of emotions and moments, strengthening our bonds of friendship.

Candi is bringing back the bragging rights of friendship with their new TV commercial, which incorporates the concept of #KhaasDost – that one friend who never backs out from a challenge!

Being a brand that promotes sweetness and love, Candi has always celebrated friendship, as they believe that “life is sweeter with friends!” – Just as every single Candi biscuit has its unique sweetness, the same goes with the type of friends we have, with unique characteristics.

The secret of Candi’s ‘Khaas Mithas’, the two different variants of sugar, makes Candi more than just a biscuit, making it an experience which must be shared with friends. All the crazy moments you share with your friends, all the Khaas Mithaas, is what makes life worth living!

To celebrate the sweetness of friendship, Candi has put forth a TV commercial that talks about that one friend we have, ‘Abdullah’, who never backs out from a challenge. stays with you with a smile on his, disregarding the circumstances.

That friend always has a smile on his face, spreading the ‘mithaas’, never complaining of what comes their way. Such friends deserve to be celebrated, and Candi has highlighted their marvels emphatically through their TV commercial.

Celebrated actor and writer Mohsin Abbas Haider, who stars in the video, executes the role of our friend ‘Abdullah’ in every friendship perfectly. His charisma is what makes the commercial an absolute hit!

Furthermore, famous Pakistan vloggers which include Bekaar Films and Danish Ali have also contributed to the cause of celebrating this ‘sweet relation’ with their own unique versions of #KhaasDost!

Bekaar films’ rendition of that one #KhaasDost

Comedian Danish Ali’s personal take on that friend indeed!

Here’s another type of Khaas Dost who keeps asking ke ‘Khanay ka kya scene hai?’

Overall, we all know that one Khaas Dost who is ready to stand by us, both in spirit and the most literal sense. They will bother us, annoy us, make fun of us, but when we need them, they will never back out from a challenge!

These meme videos from the Candi ad are a pure joy to watch as well!

When the government announces there’s a public holiday tomorrow… – my reaction!

When your mom gets your report card!

Furthermore, Candi is also giving gift-hampers and cool giveaways to bloggers, so they too can celebrate their friendship, and share it with their #KhaasDost.

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