Muslim Women In Austria Are Being Forced To Uncover Their Faces After Burqa Ban


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As per the latest rules set up by the Austrian government, Muslim women all over the country will not be allowed to cover their faces. The burqa ban has been imposed across Austria and Muslim women are being forced to remove their veils, uncovering their faces.

Austria is not an Islamic country and decided to go ahead with the burqa ban. Pictures recently went viral on the internet where two Austrian policemen were forcing a Muslim woman to remove her ‘niqab’, which is a face mask.


The burqa ban prohibits Muslim women from covering their faces, using burqas or niqabs. It also puts certain restrictions on wearing surgical masks, clown getup, ski masks and other such accessories that can be used to hide identity.

The ban has angered the Muslim groups present in Austria, who have not been shy to voice it. As USA Today reported, the ban has “angered Muslim groups,”  which happens to be their favorite pastime, apparently. Austria’s Islamic Religious Authority described the ban as an “infringement on privacy, religious freedom and freedom of opinion.” The Muslim body failed to mention that religious minorities, or dhimmis, living in Muslim majority countries do not enjoy any of those rights per Quranic decree.

The burqa ban “is a clear discrimination of Muslim women, who once again become victims of a policy of coercion,”  36-year-old Muslim woman living in Austria told USA Today. “Muslims are obviously still not a part of this country,” she complained.


The ones who defy the burqa ban will be fined up to one-hundred-and-eighty (180) euros. It is evident that the Austrian government is targeting Muslim minority, while their claims of ‘binding society together’ through this ban seems like a lost cause.

However, Austria not being an Islamic country, it is their right to impose such bans, as no Muslim country in the entire world would let women roam on beaches in bikinis or dress as the West does.

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