A Pakistani Sister And Brother Were Mistaken For Being A Couple In A Hostel Room And Our Society Is Sickening

A Pakistani Sister And Brother Were Mistaken For Being A Couple In A Hostel Room And Our Society Is Sickening!


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Pakistan has witnessed many mobs where people are lead just the word of mouth, and blindly believe whatever is being said. In such cases, these angry mobs turn into a flock of sheep. They are easy to move and do whatever is asked to do. In situations like these, sanity walks behind in these mobs and if it tries to walk amidst the crowd, it’s often crushed under the feet.

A similar incident was quoted by a girl on twitter, where a misunderstanding could have lead to very severe consequences.

She wrote about her friend who came to stay in Lahore for a few days, and decided to stay in her brother’s hostel! But people in the neighborhood thought otherwise.

A friend of mine who lives in another city came Lahore on weekend and stayed with her brother in his hostel. Someone from neighborhood saw her going inside the room. The person called others and almost 20-25 people came outside their room started yelling.

People gathered around to see who the girl is, without politely asking the girl they rather started banging the door!

The boy had gone outside to buy some food. The girl was alone inside. She got scared. She called her brother who told her to not open the door until he comes. Meanwhile, the neighbors shouting ‘darwaza kholo, kyaa ho rha hai yaha?

Any girl in such a situation would have panicked, even though she knows that she isn’t doing anything wrong, but she was sure what these people are capable of doing. Like an angry mob, the one which withdraws its senses and takes action in anger without much logic.

She was trapped inside, which she thought was a safe place for her. What could be safer than a brother’s shelter?!


When the neighbors took it upon themselves, and teach these siblings a “lesson” which they mistook as a couple. They called the police and asked them to prove their relationship as siblings by showing them their identity!

When the girl tried her best to prove her identity as a sister, the police denied and took her brother away!

“The neighbors called the police. The boy had reached by then. He told police that it was his sister and his hostel administration knows that. The police came inside, checked the room and asked for the identity of the girl. The girl was not carrying any identification document.”

“It is quite very normal. The family keeps the identification documents of the girls. However, she had scanned image of her CNIC which she showed to the police. The police still took her brother with them. At the corner of the street, they asked him for some money.”

It is so unfortunate to see the behavior of the police! What a shame! Troubling innocent people for no reason?!

“This is our police and us. Even after confirming their relationship police took some money to settle the matter. On the other end, the muhallay walay did not keep to their own business. It wasn’t their right to go there and knock at their door. I don’t know when we will learn this.

These are a few incidents which make people doubt the integrity and credibility of these authorities.

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