BBC News Apologizes For Mixing Imran Khan with Wasim Akram While Announcing the New PM Of Pakistan


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The international media cannot get enough of Imran Khan becoming the prime minister of Pakistan. Because of his international image, his legendary appearance in the cricketing world and the impact he has had throughout the years, the media continues analyzing Imran Khan and the possible future of Pakistan.

While the international media expresses mixed reactions towards the selection of Imran Khan, BBC tried to bring memories of Khan’s cricketing career while praising him.

In a video, which they later removed, BBC tried to showcase Khan’s dominance on a cricket ground. However, instead of putting up a video of Khan, they actually showed the wicket-taking moment of Pakistani bowling legend Wasim Akram.

The Video Was Later Removed and Here’s What BBC Said

Apologies on our intro just then!! A bit of an error – that was Wasim Akram bowling and not Imran Khan

And the Trolling Started


Inzi Bhai!


And Shenaira Akram Joined In For Fun Too

All jokes aside, surely all eyes are set on Imran Khan to bring the change he promised to deliver. The ball is in your court, Khan. Let’s make it Naya Pakistan!

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