Stamped Ballot Papers Were Found Burning In Garbage In Karachi And Here’s What People Have To Say


When the results of the elections started coming in, there were accusations from different parties related to the rigging of the results as few parties demanded re-counting of the ballot papers. While all this was happening, the residents of Qaiyyumabad found Ballot Papers and Voter Cards of NA-241 with Official Election Stamp on the burning garbage dump of their area.

The stamp symbols of the following parties, PML-N, MQM, and PPP were found on the ballot papers. These were found on the heap of garbage that was burning, along with few voter cards that were lying around on top of it.

Here’s a video of the entire incident:

The video did seem to leave everyone wondering about one thing… ho

Here’s what people had to say about this:

Oh well…



While, some couldn’t resist mentioning Naya Pakistan

The representatives of NA-241 were also interviewed and they demanded re-elections claiming that these elections were rigged and the ballot papers found on burning garbage were enough to serve as an evidence.

While completely denying these elections, they affirmed that PTI has won by cheating. Moreover, a candidate of PPP stated that these were elections are not elections but ‘selection’!

Hmm, so claiming that 1000’s of unburnt ballot papers found on the heap of burning garbage is a conspiracy and a selection? Well, the only question we have is why didn’t the ballot papers burn with the rest of the burning garbage?

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