Blind Mystic Baba Vanga Made Chilling Predictions About Pakistan In 2019 And She Is Usually RIGHT!


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Baba Vanga – the mystic blind from Bulgaria who predicted the Twin Tower Attack on 9/11, the rise of ISIS in the Middle East, Brexit and the tsunami of 2014, has now given her forecast for the year 2019. 85 years old Baba Vanga died in 1996 and has been dubbed ‘Nostradums Of The Balkans’ in which all the predictions have been reported.

In Bulgaria, Baba Vanga gained huge popularity because of her supernatural abilities which allow her to foresee the major events and natural disasters. It is said that Baba Vanga has predicted the future till 51st century and that was the day when she said the world will come to an end. The blind mystic woman had predicted some of the major events of the world till 51st century, and these are her predictions for 2019.

Here’s What Baba Vanga Predicted About The Year 2019!

Prediction About Pakistan

Source: The New York Times

According to Baba Vanga, a mega-tsunami will strike in Asia similar to the 2004’s disaster. Many people remember that how the Tsunami of 2014 affected major cities of India and Pakistan.

Prediction About Russia

Source: Daily Express

She believes that the economy of Europe will collapse and an assassination attempt of Russia President Vladimir Putin from his own security team will be planned. However, the prediction didn’t specify about the death of the head of the state in the attack. Other than that, a meteorite will land in Russia too!

Prediction About Donald Trump

Source: Pinterest

She reportedly believes that Donald Trump will fall ill with a mysterious illness, leaving him deaf and suffering from brain trauma.

The fortune tellers have a strong belief in Baba Vanga’s predictions because, according to them, all the predictions of Vanga from past of the years have come true! Among Vanga’s other predictions, some of them were sinking of Russian Submarine Kursk Nuclear Submarine in 1999, she claimed that 44th President of US would be ‘black’ and we know how Barack H.Obama ruled the state for four years!

How she became a fortune teller is a mystery itself. She herself told the story that at the age of 12, she lost her eyesight during a massive storm or a freak tornado. According to Baba Vanga, she has been flung into the air and then thrown to the ground by a powerful gust of wind. Her family then reportedly found Vanga close to death for several days while her eyes were injured and sealed shut. Vanga had experienced her first vision during the days she was missing and believed she had been rewarded with the ability to heal people and predict the future.

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