This Leaked Video of Ayesha Gulalai is Raising many, many Questions


This Leaked Video of Ayesha Gulalai is Raising many, many Questions


For Pakistan, the term “harassment” topped the billboard of trends this year. Starting from the popular Imran Khan and Ayesha Gulalai fiasco that created much buzz. The blame game continued for days with series of press conferences, tweets, videos etc. in which Ayesha Gulali repeatedly accused the PTI Chairman Imran Khan of harassing her.


Recently, the topic has been revived with a hidden video in which Ayesha Gulalai is telling PTI’s Seema Anwar about her new political party that she will name Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-Gulalai or PTI-G. During the discussion, Gulalai tried to ask Anwar regarding the number of upset PTI female members. A while later, she added that she wants her to join her party as well. Although PTI’s Seema Anwar turned down her offer saying that she has received much respect in her party, Gulalai continued to criticise and accuse PTI of spreading nepotism and corruption in the province. She shared:

“The family of KP CM (Pervez Khattak) has left everyone behind in corruption … Jahangir Tareen is a businessman, not a politician.”


Real and makrooh face of Gula lie 😂😂Pti women’s kay tarlay kar rahi hai kay meri party join karo what rubbish Gula lie 1 seat bhi nai Milni tumain Gatiya aurat Imran khan must take action on such ladies who met with Gula lie and kicked all creepers out from Pti Ali

Posted by PTI Overseas on Friday, December 29, 2017

After getting badly bashed, Seema Anwar uploaded a video to clarify her stance that was misunderstood due to the video. She is still ardent on working for Imran Khan’s PTI and would keep doing that until death.
She shared: “I am not doing this for the party, I am working for the betterment of Pakistan and our future generations. There is no question about it, I will not be betraying the party and am always there for the party and until death, I will work for the party.”


You are big liar Seema Anwar 😡😡 the whole Pakistan Saw your real Face today Khan shb kick this lady out from PTI immediatelyWe don’t need such hypocrite ppl in PTI Seema Anwar why the hell you met with Gula Lie 😡😡😡😡 and now you giving us justifications, which is totally rubbis and baselessAli

Posted by PTI Overseas on Friday, December 29, 2017

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