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VIP Treatment Given To Sherry Rehman On Flight Sparks Social Media Outrage

While the country constantly tries to battle different measures of VIP treatments and protocols given to the influential people of the country, something or the other happens after short intervals…

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Body Of Young Ali Abrar Who Drowned Because Of His Friends Finally Recovered

One of the tragic most incidents showcasing the mental barrier between friends took place almost a week ago. A young boy who hailed from Gujrat drowned in the Jhelum River…

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This Young Guinness World Record Holder Cannot Afford His Education And Needs Our Help

It is indeed every Pakistanis dream, that one day, they'd make a name for themselves and for their country. Every person wants to stand out in some form of life…

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After Champions Trophy, Pakistan Thrashed India In the United Cup Independence Edition

Every cricket fan in the world remembers the brutal thrashing Pakistan gave to India in the Champions Trophy 2017 final. A memorable day for the green-shirts came after India succumbed…

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Truth Revealed: Sunni Mosque Attack By Shia Militants Was Done By RAW Of India

One of the most tragic divides of the world, the contest between two sects of Islam, Sunnism, and Shiaism has left the Muslim Ummah scattered. Ever since Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)…

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The US’ Blacklisting Of Hizbul Mujahideen In Kashmir Should Be Condemned

The United States of America has recently blacklisted the biggest rebellious organization of Kashmir, the Hizbul Mujahideen. The largest armed group of rebels in the disputed territory between Pakistan and…

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Youth Of Peshawar Have Made An App That Helps Them Keep Track On Political Leaders

Every four years in Pakistan, general elections of the Islamic Republic take place. Also, every four years a new lot of youth develops and gets the right to vote. Some…

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Protected: Ali Xeeshan’s Revolutionary Fashion Show On Child Marriages Helped Move The Age-Limit Bill In Senate!

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